Shri Krishna Prasadam Limited is a multidisciplinary Business Venture. The multi dimensional business structure support company to continue to grow in all economic scenario. The businesses are chosen strategically to remain in high need all the times. The idea is to relate our business with the common needs of Common public. Salient Features of our businesses are as flows:-

Real Estate: - Real Estate is ever growing business and is directly relates to the common need of a person. We act as a Channel partner between the Builder and the House seeker. We underwrite admirable projects of good developers and market it into mass public. Thus developing a large clientele along with the increasing business turnover. Our business model need continuous public networking.

Trading of Agricultural Products: - We also deal into the trading of items of daily need and thus penetrate into the daily life of common man. The product range includes rice, wheat, barley, paddy etc. The model is that we purchase the stock from unbranded Big whole sellers and sell it to the small whole sellers who in turn supply it to retailers. The business in fact have small margins but it hold us remain in touch of numerous clients. The supply chain business is an ever growing business and we predict ourselves to be a big whole seller in future.

Security Trading:- The securities market allows people to do more with their savings than they would otherwise. It also allows people to do more with their ideas and talents than would otherwise be possible. The people's savings are matched with the best ideas and talents in the economy. Stated formally, the securities market provides a linkage between the savings and the preferred investment across the entities, time and space. It mobilizes savings and channelises them through securities into preferred enterprises. We are in planning stage to deal in the trading of the securities and also provide advice on the Share trading.


We are sub underwriter of Sanskriti Apartments situated at Indirapuram N.H. 24